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+234 81 8468 5708
Fortelogistique: We just launched a dispatch ANDROID and IOS application that connects you with a dispatch rider to handle your delivery and supplies at anytime. Visit play store for android users and apple store for ios users to download the app "Forte Dispatch" and start making life easy for yourself. Call a dispatch rider to handle your supply and deliverables always.

Fortelogistique a world leading multi- dimensional organization that provides quality services in Logistics. We are facilitators in sales and supply of petroleum products, mineral resources and hiring of all earth moving equipments like escavator,bulldozer,wheel loader,tankers...., sales of petroleum products like AGO,PMS,ATK,DPK,,supply of mineral resources like sharp sand,gravel,granite,latrite, filling sand etc,and sales of automobiles.

Our Service Packages

For this service, we have the Gold and silver packages.

Gold Pachage

This entails a signed full partnership whereby our engineers are assigned to your company to manage your trucks. Services:

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance on certain days in the month based on schedule to avoid sudden breakdown of truck.

Emergency Response

If truck breaks down, emergency team will be dispatched to the scene of the event to fix it so operations can continue.

Solely Responsible

Our maintenance team are solely responsible for the maintenance and repairs of your trucks

Silver Package

In this package,  there's no full partnership. We operate based on requests.

On Call Response

When your truck needs maintenance checks and repairs,you can always call us for this from time to time

Emergency Responce

If the trucks break down, you can always contact us as well for emergency repairs